I Saw Christ Crying in Hermès (Single)

by Slow Dakota



The second single off of Slow Dakota's LP, The Ascension of Slow Dakota, due out Spring 2016 on Massif Records (Fort Wayne, IN).


He cried the way I finally cried
A week after my grandpa died
A week after my grandpa died;
We buried him out beside his wife
We buried him out beside his wife!

“Jesus, I said: “What’s the matter?
You have plenty of money to buy
Everything in this silver store.”
“That’s not it at all,” He said:
“That’s not it at all, at all, at all…”

“I made a mistake: I told everyone
That I love them equally;
That they’re all the same to me.
What a foolish thing to do:
Boy, it shows how little I know you.”

“I should have made my book exclusive and
Only sold in SoHo stores -
Bouncers at the golden doors;
Then a great big line would form -
A bigger line than heaven’s had for years…”

“Open arms don’t sell well these days:
Why you worship scarcity
Is such an awful mystery;
It looks like Dad made way too many
It looks like Dad made way too many keys…”


released November 9, 2015
Written by PJ Sauerteig (Slow Dakota): vocals, lyrics, dulcimer, piano
Mixed, Produced by Sahil Ansari: percussion, keyboard, guitar
Mastered by Greg Calbi (Sterling Sound)



all rights reserved


Slow Dakota Fort Wayne, Indiana

(PJ Sauerteig)

Fort Wayne, IN
Massif Records

Columbia University

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